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September 2017 Web Diary

September begun with the resident children enjoying their second week back in school for third term. This is the shortest term of the year and the children are progressing well in their academics.  We have also seen 5 of our older sisters begin their university courses including 3 Soila Maasai Girls Alumni.


Saturday Club

This month has been filled with fun and adventurous Saturday Clubs. The children played with DIY bubble mixture, making many beautiful bubbles using plastic straws. Another week they practiced using powdered paint from our donations store to make paintings of our own hand prints, once they all made several handprints they creatively turned them into animals using crayons and pencils.


New Volunteers

At the start of this month we welcomed 2 new volunteers to Kenya Children's Home. Maria is originally from Venezuela and has spent many years in Scotland. This is her second volunteer placement at KCH this year. We hope to see her again soon! Gill is originally from Scotland and has an extensive background in Social Work. Both volunteers have spent countless hours playing, teaching and most importantly having fun with the children and babies. We look forward to the coming month of fun activates with the volunteers.


September birthdays

This month we celebrated the September birthdays as a Home during a Saturday evening. There was a huge cake made by the bakery at KCH, presents, sweets, biscuits, juice and best of all, Rastamouse music! The children have taken a fancy to the 'groovin beats' of the children's TV show Rastamouse - a show following a crime busting mouse reggae band - “Da Easy Crew”, who split their time between making music and solving mysteries for Da President of Mouseland. The children are practicing the lyrics to many of the songs from this show - although it was slightly difficult with so much cake in their mouths! 


Singing and Dancing

On the same day as the Birthday celebration, 20 members of the KCH choir represented the home at the birthday celebration of one of our partners’ twin boys. The event was held to thank God for blessing the couple with children after a long time of waiting. Our kids sung and danced to entertain the guests at the event. One of our boys danced so well that the Emcee of the event rewarded him.  In addition, to that reward, our partner family gave KCH some maize flour and cakes for the children to enjoy.

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