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October 2017 Web Diary

OCTOBER!!! It has been a roller coaster of a month, quite exciting on some days, yet tense and quiet in other: six of our children graduated from KG3 to Primary one, yet we were homebound- tense, awaiting the outcome of the repeat presidential elections. We thank God for the relative calm in the country during this period. 


Kenya Defense Forces

Members of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) from the Forces Memorial Hospital visited the home in celebration of KDF day. KDF commemorates the day in which the Kenyan Forces went into fight Al-Shabab in Somalia and celebrates the warriors that have been lost in that struggle. 

They celebrated the day with different activities in the week preceding. Helping the community was one of them and we were the beneficiaries of this. They did medical checks for the babies in the Nursery and spent some time helping the kids in the houses with homework. They also gave generously, in kind, to the home.


Kanelbullens Dag

The Swedish Institutes Alumni in Kenya organized a celebration of Kanelbullens Dag/ Cinnamon Bun day at the home. They came and made several cinnamon buns which they shared with the children. They also brought in a bouncing castle for the children to enjoy.  The children really enjoyed the cinnamon buns and the bouncing castle, as well as the short presentation on Sweden.



Mashimoni held their prayer day on 7th October and the class 8 students were prayed for before their exams. The Junior school also got to go for an end of year trip.


Suswa Prayer day

A tearful yet joyous moment as the Standard 8 girls sung goodbye to the centre, “Daddy Collins”, Teacher Mary and their sisters. This was preceded by a mass led by a local priest, in which the candidates were prayed for by their parents and area spiritual leaders. The girls were urged to work as hard as they have been doing. The teachers, led by the head teacher, showed great support and faith in the girls to succeed.


JGA KG Graduation

On 23rd October, in a ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance our  KG3 graduated  and will, God-willing, begin primary one come 2018. We are grateful to God for the great success HE has given our children. Exam results are out for all the resident kids and they have all done very well. We are proud of their achievements.