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November 2017 Web Diary


Christmas is coming!

Over the past month the children have been on holidays and many are preparing to go home to their guardians for the Christmas period, that meant that we started the run-up to Christmas slightly early! Christmas movies, stories, craft (and songs - Jingle Bells in particular!) have been in high demand this month. The children also had a great time catching up with their older brothers and sisters who came back to KCH for 1 week at the end of Nov for camp. The older children are from the Butterfly Support Programme and have attended KCH at some point in the past. They live outside the Home with foster parents or guardians but are still supported by KCH. For more information about the Butterfly Programme please visit this link -


Special guests from family bank

Here at Kenya Children's Home, we love to receive guests. Last weekend we had a surprise visit from Family Bank, a leading financial organisation in Kenya. After a few introductions the children gathered together to welcome the guests. In Kenya, it is the norm to welcome guests with a song, and boy did the children deliver!! There was a mix of English and Swahili songs, including many smiling faces and clapping hands.

Asanta sana Family Bank for your donations of food and household items! We hope to see you again soon.


Sat club salt dough

This year we decided to make our craft theme all about Christmas. Our UK volunteer, Gill, came up with a brilliant and cost effective way to make clay-type Christmas ornaments using only flour, salt, oil and food colouring (plus a sprinkle of cinnamon just for the fragrance!) The boys and girls from the Butterfly Support Programme hand cut the shapes and left them in the sun to dry for a few days. The results have been incredible! If you sponsor a child from the BSP, keep an eye out for a special letter. You may be on of the special people to receive a handmade ornament. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please visit


Congratulations house 4!

On the last day of camp, the Home and Butterfly Support Programme children held a talent show. It showcased the incredible talents that we have here at KCH, from singing to dancing, acting to comedy skills. In the eyes of the staff, everyone was a winner! But, of course, there was one house t collected the most points out of the categories of dance, poems, singing, skits and individual talents. We congratulate House 4 for winning the talent show this camp, but also to everyone who was brave enough to participate!

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