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May 2017 Web Diary


The month saw children settling in their respective schools.  By the end of the month we were glad that all were set for studies and even sat for their opener exams whose results are awaited.


Lunch Treats

During the month, the children were treated to delicious lunch treats to mention but a few was the Panini’s Restaurant who visited the home and cooked for our children.

The children really enjoyed themselves as well as spending time with the sponsors of the treats and were very grateful for the opportunity and loved shared.


Welcome to TBH

One baby was admitted into our facility this month after being abandoned by its mother.  We are happy to be part of her life’s journey and we wish her the very best.


Happy Birthday

During this month, we had 5 children celebrate their birthday.  Thanks to our very own Commercial Department, the Bakery staff baked a tasty cake for the children who enjoyed every bite!  May the children have a bright future.


Community Service & Donations

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

If you are looking for a place to make a difference, Thomas Barnardo House is the place!  We express our deepest appreciation to all who recently donated to the Home.  Generous gifts from donors provide the financial and moral support needed to continue with our mission.