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June 2017 Web Diary

A chilly month it was. The weather led to colds and flu in a good number of children. June saw the end of mid-term exams and a mid-term break spent at home relaxing with their house families.


Welcome to TBH

Four babies were admitted into our facility this month after being abandoned. We are happy to be part of their life’s journey and we wish them the very best.


Mid-term Break

During the break, our children visited the Bomas of Kenya on 16th June for a day full of fun game activities as well as educative, had an opportunity of learning different cultures and traditional houses and dances. It was evident that the children enjoyed themselves as it was a break from the usual activities at the Home. 


JGA sports day

The Jonathan Gloag Academy held their annual KG sports day on the Kenya Children’s Home field on Friday 30th June 2017. This of course involved a large number of children and staff from the Home. The day was a great success with Red house winning the day. Parents participated as well which was a fun scenario to their children. It was a great way to have fun before the pressure of exams.



Alas, children born in the month of June were not forgotten! They were treated to a celebration of their lives, in a warm birthday party held in their honor where they delighted in all things thanks to our very own Commercial Department; the Bakery staff baked a tasty cake.
We wish them many more years.


Community Service & Donations

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

If you are looking for a place to make a difference, Thomas Barnardo House is the place!
We express our deepest appreciation to all who recently donated to the Home. Generous gifts from donors like yourself provide the financial and moral support needed to continue with our mission.

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