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July 2017 Web Diary

There are quite a few events that happened in the month of July. The Souter’s visited the home, The Soila Maasai Girls had their sports’ day, JGA had their sports’ day, and the children got a treat from Louisa, one of our UK volunteers. Schools closed on 28th of July. The country is in the midst of election fever and we are hoping and praying for a peaceful and fair election.


Fun Weekend

What are weekends for, if not for fun and relaxation?!?!?!

Louisa . . ., one of our UK volunteers sponsored a whole day swimming treat at a nearby school for the kids in the home. The Children had a blast playing ball games and swimming.

The next day Brian Souter and his family paid a visit to the home and treated the kids to Pizza, a puppet and magic show, bouncing castles and camel rides.  The Children were happy to finally put a face to the name: Mr Brian Souter. Brian was able to also share with the kids his experience growing up and the important role that his sister Anne played in that.


Mashimoni - One, Two!

Mashimoni Primary School had great success in the Music festivals this year. They had two performances that made it to the National competition. They were able to scoop first place in the Rap category and second place in the pre-unit age category.

The national completion was held in Kakamega in the western part of the country and this gave the pupils from the school and opportunity to visit the iconic crying stone of Ilesi.


Soila Maasai Girls Rescue Centre Sports Day

The Sports day was held on 28th July. The day was quite enjoyable. Those from TBH reported that they had a good time.


JGA Sports Day

Our kids shone in the Jonathan Gloag Academy Sports’ day.  Many of the children who participated in the races came home with medals. We are proud of them and are happy to promote and grow their talents.

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