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January Web Diary

The New Year was welcomed with lots of excitement and enthusiasm as all the children gathered in the hall in celebration. Children had various fun activities that included, swimming pool, bouncing castle, camel ride, quad bike train, face painting and the puppet show.

Children were glad to be promoted to new classes.

The results of our class 8 candidates’ in various learning institution are as follows.

Jonathan Gloag Academy 76 370.87
Mashimoni Squatters - Kibera 52 299.90
Soila Maasai Girls Centres 7 279.29
Soila Secondary 1 D
Outreach Primary 11 278.40
Outreach Secondary 11 C
Home Primary (BSP) 12 318.25
Home Secondary 6 C

Back to school

Children were excited to report back to school in their respective new classes. They have all settled. We wish them success!


Butterfly Support Programme

In early January, we managed to place 2 more of our children into the Butterfly Support Programme to new schools nearer their homes. This is to help them maintain their roots in their communities. It also moves them from Children’s Home confines enabling them to prepare for the ‘outside’ world. The children were excited to be nearer their known guardian’s home and all promised to work hard!


Welcome to TBH

In the month, we admitted 1 new baby in our facility who is adjusting well to life at TBH!



House three members had a lunch and swimming treat courtesy of Ramsey Gillies, Mary Mbulwa’s sponsor.


Thanks giving ceremony

JGA had a thanksgiving ceremony on 13th January 2017 for the best results posted in 2016 KCPE


2016 class eight candidates

Our children who sat for KCPE joined form 1 and we are preparing for the same for vocational group.


Community service and donations

Several individuals and groups visited and donated to the home, this had a great impact to the children. This includes Remo’s and Pastor Andrews’s family to name just a few. We say: Asante Sana!


Story of the month

The year began well with all the children settling in school in their new classes.  We have over one thousand children in our programs and like any other family they are all blessed differently which we really appreciate as a family.

Among the children we had Stephen (not his real name) settling into a new school which meets the needs of special population where he falls. He was happy to settle in the new school and meeting new friends. The school focuses not only in academic performance but also the strengths of the individual. This is what we wish for every child in our program and this can only be possible with your support and of others like you.  For sure every child needs a family that cares!

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