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February 2017 Web Diary


Mid-term brought the long awaited break from school work filled with love and fun in mid-February 2017.


Welcome to TBH

In this month, we admitted 6 new lovely children in the home and are adjusting well to life at TBH!



Students who failed to attain the required grades while in form two as per our education policy in the year 2016 across the projects were able to join vocational institutions in different Counties. We wish them well in their new journey.


Valentine treat

Mid-term fell on valentine’s period and brought cheerful faces upon our children. A spectacular dinner was organised for the children as they cheered the new chief administrator to the family. It was a relaxing and enjoyable time with sweet melodies, interacting and dancing all evening.


Bata visit

Bata Shoe Company paid us a visit with donations of 167 pairs of black leather shoes issued to our lovely kids for school. They look awesome in them and they’re humbled by the kind act.


Community service and Donations

A number of groups and friends paid a visit,  volunteered in service and donated to the children. Not forgetting the number of visitors like you, who recently gave to the Home in different ways, your contribution made a positive impact to the lives of our children.  For sure your giving hearts help sustain the children and carry on with our mission.  We say ‘Asante Sana na Karibu tena!!!’


Story of the month

Kenya is made up of at least 42 communities and each of them has different cultural beliefs and norms. One of the sub-tribe from western region, believe that a child born out of incest is an outcast and should be killed. The government and children institutions encourage the community not to do back door abortion or kill the children but rather give birth and offer kids for adoption.

Through our community empowerment programs, women are educated on the dangers of abortion and the importance of alternative care of children; we were able to rescue five babies through the mother offer. The babies are admitted to the home and are doing well. 

Kenya children's home is a home for the children.

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