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December 2017 Web Diary


Celebrating and remembering 2017

As 2017 came to a close, Kenya Children's Home looked back over the past year.  Highlights included the positive impact the new administration has made in such a short amount of time and the incredible bond our staff made with all of the children in our care.

We also took time to remember our dear colleagues and friends that passed in 2017. Our beloved social worker and former House Mother, Josephine Karuga, passed away suddenly on 22.12.17.  We will remember her for her warmth and determination at KCH.

Mr Rustam Hira, Chairman of the Board of Governors in Kenya for many years passed on the 23.12.17.  Mr Hira was a lifelong supporter of the charity and his devotion, generous nature and hard work will be sorely missed by us all.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have passed to have strength in this difficult time.


Christmas with Suswa

Suswa held their annual Christmas Party on the 12th of Dec.   The day kicked off with games run by Ann Spressor, a long-term supporter who has been going out to Kenya for many years.
Gift giving was a highlight of the day and it was a blessing to watch the girls open their presents and see their faces light up.

The girls also spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day at KCH campus in Nairobi.   After the long 2 hour journey they were keen to get out of the bus and stretch their legs. After a hot meal they treated everyone to some beautiful singing of traditional Maasai folk songs.   By the time they had finished, the hall was packed with house mothers, staff members and even visitors who heard the singing and followed the sound to the hall!

On Christmas Day everyone woke early excited for the day ahead. The children enjoyed a fun day filled with camel rides, a HUGE blow up swimming pool, a bouncy castle and finally a magic show! The laughter from the children could be heard all around KCH and everyone finished a wonderful Christmas with a smile on their faces.

"I want to come to KCH every Christmas" - Rachel, age 11


A touching adoption story from KCH to Sweden

Last month a family from Sweden went back to KCH, 9 years after they adopted a child from the Home. It was a touching moment as they entered the adoption waiting room where they had sat almost a decade before waiting anxiously for the arrival of the newest member of their family. Timothy took the toy his adopted parents had given him the day they first met and let the babies in the nursery play with Randy the dinosaur.  Staff look forward to seeing Timothy, his family and of course Randy the dinosaur again soon!  

Whilst International adoptions are no longer permitted by the Kenyan Government, local adoptions within Kenya still continue.


Butterfly support programme

At the end of November Kenya Children’s Home was buzzing with energy, laughter and most importantly with the beautiful smiles of the children from our Butterfly Support Programme. 

For one week, the children from the BSP Programme were treated to activities including arts and crafts, a day trip to Naivasha, sports, games and a terrific talent show to end the week.  It was a wonderful time for everyone involved! 

Staff always love catching up with the children in the BSP Programme and look forward to seeing them again very soon.


KCH Camps

During December, Kenya Children's Home welcomed all things Christmas!

Along with the girls from Suswa, we welcomed children from our other projects BSP and Outreach.  Christmas at KCH is all about family and were delighted to be able to spend it together.  Children, house mums, aunties and all staff came together to have fun, share stories from the year that passed and make new friends.


Clubs Corner

In 2017, KCH delivered clubs every Saturday.  We were delighted in December when the team at Young Life Kenya came to help out and joined the visiting international volunteers.

Highlights from throughout the year at the Saturday Clubs include a treasure hunt set up by two volunteers, Louisa (UK) and Cecilie (Denmark).  The children were sent on a mystery tour of KCH where they had to work out each clue which would guide them to the next point.  Using their excellent detective skills, the children all discovered the final clue was at the basketball courts and the house to arrive there first would be the winner!  Celebrations were heard all through the Home when House 4 triumphed by reaching the final destination first!

Another great club was run by Maria (Venezuela) and Gill (UK).  The children made a huge painting with their handprints!  It may have left some marks on the tables, on their clothes and even faces, but the children couldn’t have been more excited to get messy with the paint!



As many of you know, Mashimoni Primary School is situated in Kibera; the largest slum area in Africa.  It is estimated that around 75% of the population of Kibera are under 18.

Since its redevelopment in 2007, Mashimoni School has truly flourished.  The school reopened for its first term of 2018 on the 3rd of January and over the first two weeks welcomed 574 pupils, 275 girls and 299 boys.  We expect to have around 600 pupils by the end of January.

One of the major successes for Mashimoni in 2017 were the incredible results in the KCPE exams, they were truly spectacular!

The top child in Mashimoni scored 427/500 which is an astounding achievement.  Two further children scored over 400 with another 12 between 350 and 399.  The overall school score was 302.  These excellent results are a reflection of the dedication and passion from the students and their teachers.  Mr Muzaya, the Head Teacher, said:

“Our pupils work very hard.  Many choose to stay behind after school to study, as often their homes are crowded, with no electricity, or they are kept busy running family businesses.  We are very proud of all of our pupils”

The rest of us at KCH join Mr Muzaya in congratulating last years children on all of their achievements in 2017 and look forward to another happy and successful year with Mashimoni!

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