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August 2017 Web Diary

August is holiday month. Schools closed during the last week of July and the children spent the break from school catching up on reading, spending time with their mothers, brothers and sisters. This month also had Kenya’s General election. We thank God for a relatively peaceful election and continue to pray the words of our National Anthem as we await the repeat of the presidential elections”

“. . .May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty . . .”


Full House Camp

I think the biggest highlight of the month was the Full House Camp. The Resident children were excited to spend a week with their older brothers and sisters from the Butterfly Support Program and Soila Maasai girls.

The theme of Attitude was brought out very well by the different facilitators and speakers. The campers arrived on Friday the 18th and settled in. Camp began with a visit to the Nairobi Animal Orphanage and a swimming treat at a nearby school. This provided a time to mingle and catch up with each other’s lives since the last camp.

Day 3 of camp was a Sunday and the kids enjoyed an in-house service led by a team from Nairobi Chapel- CBD. The afternoon was filled with fun activities organized by Nairobi Baptist Church Youth.

Monday, day 4 of camp, had exams to evaluate the learning progress against a standardised test prepared for the Butterfly support program. The afternoon was spent preparing for the talent show, scheduled for Friday. We watched “Queen of Katwe” to crown the day.

Tuesday was spent writing appreciation letters to our sponsors and continued preparations for the Talent Show.  Wednesday saw the children have breakfast with their mentors spend some time catching up on issues and building relationships. The kids also had chance to get their hairs done.

The talks held on Thursday were fantastic. We had Dr. Joan Githae speak to the children about attitude and what it is and their role in choosing if their attitude will be positive or negative. She carefully explained that attitude is a response to something and/or someone based on how we process information. We were all challenged to re-think our thinking processes. The talk on attitude was preceded by a talk on sexuality and being responsible with this gift that the creator has given us. During the week the Chief Administrator had opportunity to talk to the kids in high School and university, as well as encourage the primary and high school candidates.

The children of Thomas Barnardo House have amazing talents and these were seen on Friday during the talent show. We were able to see the children show off their singing, acting, reciting and designing abilities. What great creativity and teamwork was seen in the folk dances, skits,  “Sakata” dance,  poems and fashion show. It was a great day to see young children tap into their God-given gifts. Friday saw the close of camp with a barbecue dinner and dance. The campers seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the week, and we are glad that we got to interact and see them. We are looking forward to November when we can have camp again.