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April 2017 Web Diary

The schools closure marked the beginning of many activities for the children. They made most of their time at home. The change to rainy weather led to coughs and colds among the children.


Visit to other Homes

Resident children visited other homes where they offered themselves as volunteers. These trips were highly educational to the children as they got to interact and donate to their peers. It was evident that the gesture of kindness left a positive impact in their hearts.


Easter Treat

Our children enjoyed a fun filled day over the Easter when they got to visit Nairobi’s Central park, The Two River’s Mall on Good Friday with a lunch treat from the Mada Hotel. On Easter Monday, they had a mouthwatering Mbuzi Choma at the Home.


Soila Masaai Girls Bonding

The girls had a bonding session where the high school girls visited to interact with their sisters on 19th April 2017 to 21st April 2017.


Happy Campers

This month saw the coming together of children from all programs for a full house camp. This event ran from the 21st to 29th April where an array of activities was in store. There were exams, a medical checkup, a trip to KWS Hippo Camp & swimming, Sports Day and a talent show.  At the Talents show, the children got to showcase their theatrical talents in plays, songs, comedy and dances.


Mashimoni Holiday Camp

Ann Spressor was among the volunteers who organized fun activities that marked the Mashimoni Holiday Camp which the children really enjoyed. The input of Young Life and KCH volunteers added to the treat.


Community Service & Donations

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

If you are looking for a place to make a difference, Thomas Barnardo House is the place!

We express our deepest appreciation to all who recently donated to the Home. Generous gifts from donors provide the financial and moral support needed to continue with our mission.


Joan's story

Joan (not her real name) is the first born of three children.  Her mother passed away in March 2003 leaving Joan and her siblings under the care of their father who did not have a good source of income.

The father being jobless was unable to care for Joan who was barely 7 years old and was in desperate need of a proper care environment.  The children were admitted at Nairobi Children’s Home who highlighted their plight to Kenya Children’s Home.  After a home visit where the situation was carefully assessed, Joan and her siblings were admitted to the children’s home on 26th May 2004 with an aim of reintegrating them back to their family upon attainment of the appropriate age.

Joan thrived remarkably and has since cleared with her O’ Level where she registered a good academic performance which guaranteed her direct entry at Maseno University this coming August 2017. We wish Joan the very best as she start her new journey into the world.

Joan is currently involved in supporting teachers in Soila Masaai Girls Rescue Centre as a way of giving back as she waits to join the university.